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About sideplayR™

sideplayR™ makes bingo PROFITABLE. Yes, bingo and profitable are in the same sentence. Profitability comes by making bingo contemporary, fun, and relevant to a new generation. Our mission is simple: make bingo lucrative for operators and irresistible for players.

Bingo isn’t broken, it just needs a makeover. In a digital era world, players have minutes, not hours, and flexibility is the new convenient. Games need speed and options that are dynamic rather than static. That’s where we come in.

Bingo needs BANG! We’ve got BANG!


With decades of experience, we’re not just enthusiasts. We’re experts.

Our team has delivered countless innovations to the bingo industry. Using our arsenal of knowledge and track record of success, we provide innovations that engage and excite players while providing operators with a reliable revenue stream.

Harnessing the latest technologies, we take bingo “outside the box.” The days of limited play, expensive operations, and time-consuming set up are over. With more ways to play, new prize structures, and expanded paths to new players, sideplayR™ catches bingo up to the digital age.

The upshot? This isn’t your grandmother’s bingo.

Implementing sideplayR™ is easy and worry-free.

For operators with a bingo hall, there are no changes to your existing games, no systems to replace or hardware to buy, and no disruption to your existing operation. If you’re a new operator, sideplayR™ offers bingo options that allow you to make money from day one.

If you’re reading these words, we know you’re interested in the game, too. So, reach out. Let us show you the possibilities. You’ll speak directly with our founders and learn how sideplayR™ engages new, younger players and boosts your bottom line.

Let us show you how to GAME the GAME

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